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So what are your thoughts on these types of industrials?

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keloid on a nose piercing
Tea tree oil first and foremost use it religiously. If you are still having issues after that then I would use a paste composed of water, aspirin, and or BC powders. Put it on three times a day, morning, noon, and night and leave it on there all night long. Repeat this for three to five days and you should be noticing a huge decrease in the size and shape and if there is more to go just continue it a little longer.
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Sometimes your tattoo is red and irritated such as the one in the photo to the left here. Make sure you are washing your hands before you touch it and keep them clean at all times. If your tattoo has no smell, no discharge, and is not excruciatingly painful, then most likely it is not infected. If you want a professional artist to look at it and you cant seem to get up with the guy that did your tattoo then come by our shop and we will give a free consultation on whether it is infected and how to continue caring for it.